Celebrate National Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month!  I love my bike and wanted to celebrate with all of the families who love their bikes too! So, this month I had a special “Bike to the Library Family Storytime”


Duck-on-a-bike.jpg (377×500)


I found some inspiration from Storytime Katie for some bike themed songs:

“Wheels on the Bike”
The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bike go round and round, all through the town
(Pedals on the bike go up and down, streamers on the bike go swish swish swish, bell on the bike goes ding-ding-ding)

Early Literacy Tip

The  Madison Public Library also had a great resource of different bike books and songs. I especially liked that the pointed out that bike rides are great opportunities to engage with early literacy practices. You can point out words on signs you see, talk about what places and things you are passing to build vocabulary, and pass the time by singing.


After storytime we made pinwheels and license plates for kids to put on their bikes. We had some graphic novels that had been well loved and were falling apart, so we recycled some of those pages into pinwheels! The license plates were made out of cardstock and stickers. We have a great, no heat laminator that we ran them through to make then more sturdy. The kids LOVED the laminator!

Bike CraftsHappy biking, everyone!


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