Tweet, Tweet – Preschool Storytime

It’s a bird… it’s a plane…. No, really, it’s a bird. So this storytime’s theme was birds. Much like that opening joke,  I was a little unsure of the topic. I didn’t know if they kids would be into it, but there are so many great books about birds that I just had to try it. It actually went over really well! Plus, I felt like I got to introduce some science too!




I saw these beautiful flannel birds over on Mel’s Desk and just had to make them. Her templates are wonderful, so if you are also inspired I fully encourage you to make them!

photo (1)

We sang the “Little Bird” song Melissa mentions too, but between each verse I tried out some STEM related activities. We talked about the process of observation (key to the scientific process). This is something we do all the time with kids, but I don’t think we always frame it as being science related, but it definitely is! I wanted to show parents and caregivers that nearly everything they do has an opportunity to teach their kids to engage in their curiosity, think about the world around them, and build up all that STEM related background knowledge that will make them that much more ready to really dive into these topics once they start school.

Our observation process went something like this:

  • Does anyone know what the name of this bird is? For some of the birds kids did know. When I put up the cardinal one little girl shouted out cardinal right away!
  • Then I would ask, “How do you know it’s a cardinal?”  We’d talk about colors, size, sounds they make, etc.
  • Or if they don’t know the name I would tell them: “It’s a chickadee. Can you all say chickadee? What letter do you think chickadee starts with? What color is the chickadee? “

How do you incorporate STEM into your storytimes?


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