Outer Space – Preschool Storytime

Summer Reading is in full swing and I am busting with sciencey excitement! (That’s definitely the scientific way to say that 🙂 ) So, this week at Preschool Storytime I wanted to jump into science exploration, so we went on a journey to outer space! There are so many great space storytime outlines, books, and songs out there! It was hard to narrow it down, but here is a look at what we did:


Kitten’s First Full Moon  by Kevin Henkes – this is one of my all time favorite authors! It goes way back to my love of Chrysanthemum as a child, so I love sharing his amazing work at storytime. This book is very sweet, funny, and charming. It was a hit.

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

The Sun is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch – I think this is a great way to introduce scientific concepts to little ones.  The sun is something they all know about, but talking about the fact that it is a star is a new concept to many of them.


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
This song is amazing. I found it from the wonderful ladies of Jbrary. The kids and parents (and me too) LOVED it! So fun! I’m going to use this all the time, seriously. I also can’t wait to sing it with my little niece when I head back to the midwest for some family fun in a few weeks! #jbraryforthewin

 Rocketship Run
A fun dance around song from the Laurie Berkener Band.


I owe the inspiration for this activity to my fellow Badger (#onwisconsin) Miss Meg. Here is my version of her solar system flannel. We talked about the different planets (Which planet do we live on? Which planet is red? Which planet is the biggest?) And then we sang Meg’s planets song.



I hope to do more STEM themed storytimes. I think it’s important to introduce these concepts to build up science-related vocabulary and background knowledge for little ones. Plus, I hope all the fun we have with the themes in storytime encourages parents to explore these topics at home.


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