Bilingual Library Visit

The other day I had a group of about 20 preschoolers visit the library from a local early learning center. Their teachers had asked that we help them get acquainted with the library and share a storytime with both English and Spanish components. The kids were very sweet and excited to be out on a field trip, so we had a lot of fun!

First I welcomed them into the library and we chatted about upcoming programs and what they can do here at the library. Then, we sang a hello song in Spanish and English. I’m not sure who to credit this song to since I’ve heard it in lots of places. There is a video of it here.

Buenos dias / Good morning (sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”)
Buenos dias / Good morning
Buenos dias / Good morning
¿Cómo estás? / How are you?
¿Cómo estás? / How are you?
Muy bien, gracias / Very well, I thank you
Muy bien, gracias / Very well, I thank you
Y usted? / How are you?
Y usted? / How are you?

Little Roja Riding HoodThen we read one of my favorite newer books! Little Roja Riding Hood by Susan Middleton Elya. This book is mostly in English with a few Spanish words per page. It includes a lot more Spanish than the typical book of this style. It playfully rhymes and shares a folk tale in a fun updated way with so many context clues and pictures to help readers of both languages follow along. Plus illustrations by Susan Guevara are amazing. I’ve read this to a few different preschool age groups and it’s been really popular.

Then it was time for a song! One of my co-workers made a great set of flannel farm animals to go along with the song  Fui a visitar la granja.  This was a really great bilingual activity because we could talk about the names of the animals in both languages and all sing along with the animal sounds. Although this is a bilingual school that visited, some students speak Spanish at home and some don’t. So, doing the song with animal names in both languages gave everyone a chance to contribute.

Mouse's First SummerThe second book I read was Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson in English. This book is adorable and highlights colors and fun things about the summer. Looking back I should have used the opportunity to share colors in English and Spanish, but for this telling I just stuck to English. With school visits I like to give the kids a chance to practice raising their hands and sharing with the group since they work on that in school so much, so I asked them questions about what they like to do in the summer time.

Then, we sang the Los Elefantes song I introduced in an older post.  We did the counting in the song in both English and Spanish.

Animales OpuestosI finished up by “reading” Animales Opuestos by Petr Horacek. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I say “reading” because it was more of a bilingual picture walk. A lot of the animals in this book are new to little kids (meerkats, jaguars, and snails, oh my!)  so on each page we said the name of the animal in English and Spanish and compared the opposites as they came. It was a fun activity and definitely got the kids involved!

After that we were out of time, so I just went with my standard goodbye song in English and wrapped it up!


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