Happy Hug a Book Week!

It’s Hug a Book Week! What, you’ve never heard of something so adorable?! Well, we have Scott Campbell and the folks at Simon & Shuster to thank for spreading this cuteness into the world. Scott Campbell’s newest book, Hug Machine just came out and as Library School Journal says, it really is absolutely irresistible.

Hug Machine Book Cover

This book is very cute and very sweet. It follows a little boy who identifies as the hug machine on his quest to cheer up everyone and everything by adding a little more love into the world in the form of his hugs. The text and story is charming, but nothing too special.  The illustrations are what really draw you in. I mean just look at that little guy in his suspenders hugging the mail box on the cover!

Anyways, Simon and Shuster have unleashed an equally adorable publicity campaign for the book, called Hug a Book Week. We’re celebrating at my library with a little Hug a Book book display where I re-purposed some Valentine’s Day decorations and a craft project after school this week. I’m going to read the book and then we’ll make those adorable monster bookmarks I’m sure you’ve seen on Pinterest.  I’m not sure if this is where they originated, but I found some great directions at Tally’s Treasury.

Monster Book Marks Hope you all enjoy Hug a Book Week! How are you going to celebrate?



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