Fall is Here! Time for a Squirrelly Storytime!

Fall Storytime

I love fall! It is really my favorite time of the year, and so I had an absolute blast planning and leading this storytime! There are lots of wonderful fall storytime ideas out there. Here are a few places I found inspiration:

Here are the books I chose for this squirrelly fall storytime:

Nuts to You by Lois Ehlert The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri Good Day by Kevin Henkes

I also used one of Miss Katie from Storytime Secrets squirrel acorn flannel rhymes. She wrote the rhyme herself, and I found that the kids really enjoyed it. One of my coworkers made a beautiful flannel tree and I just used printed out acorns around it. We happen to have a suirrel puppet, so I used that to grab the act out the rhyme. Of course, the puppet was a hit! It goes like this:

Down around the corner by the big oak tree
Sat five little acorns looking so yummy
Along came a squirrel with a big bushy tail.
He took one acorn and ran off down the trail.

We also sang two of my all time favorite kids songs: I’m a Nut and Gray Squirrel! I’m pretty sure we have old home movies from the 90’s of me singing these songs as a kid, and I still love sharing them! This group thought both songs were adorably hilarious!

At my library we do two back to back preschool storytimes because our crowds get so big. It was a rainy morning though, so the second storytime was much smaller. I decided to break out the scarves and sing some of the songs from Jbrary’s scarf song playlist. We also pretended that our scarves were leaves falling and swirling around while singing this fall song:

I hope you are all enjoying fall!


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