I’m back :)

Hello, world.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I promise I have a good excuse for being absent from the blogosphere. The last few months have been the most full of my life so far. Here are a few highlights:

  • My lovely fiance was offered a job opportunity back in our home state.
  • So, we had to jump at the chance to be closer to our families!
  • Which meant saying goodbye to the wonderful little life we had built out on the east coast.
  • Which was quickly followed by a homecoming like no other as we celebrated a happy wedding day surrounded by family and friends and that lovely fiance became my lovely new husband.
  • And then that lovely new husband and I took an adventure of a lifetime to Iceland, France, Germany, and a few more places in between.
  • And now all these adventures have turned into settling into a new home.
  • Which also means so much more beautiful family time, happy holidays ahead of us, and the opportunity to engage with the innovative and inspiring Wisconsin library community.

Coming off of the Thanksgiving holidays and this epic summer and fall, my heart is so grateful I think it could almost burst. I’m still not sure what’s ahead for me or for this blog, but while I figure it out I’ll share some of the material I’ve been saving up over the past few months. Get excited for some storytime songs, maker messes, and must reads of the year!


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