Design Tools

I wanted to share a few of my favorite *free* design resources that I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Google Photos

I love this app for many reasons. It automatically backs up your photos using wifi for starters! It also has some of the easiest video editing software I’ve encountered in an app. It’s really easy to make a slideshow, edit videos you’ve uploaded, add music and share. Here’s an example of a slideshow I put together in just a few minutes to share photos from this summer’s Stuffed Animal Sleepover at my library: Stuffed Animal Sleepover

2. Canva

This site has a vide variety of ready to go templates and graphics to use for free. The interface is very user friendly and pretty easy to navigate. The search tool isn’t the best, but I still really enjoy using this site. There are templates and graphics that you can purchase as well. Instead of paying for a subscription though, you just pay for the element you want to use. The best part is that you can create your own templates and save them for later use. Below is an example of a few things I’ve created with their free elements. I’ve been using these graphics to post on my library’s social media pages.

3.  PicMonkey

This website is promoted as a photo editor, which is does well, but you can also use it to create content using their drag and drop tools. They conveniently organize their elements by themes such as “comic heroes” with superhero themed fonts and graphics. I find this site useful when creating elements for event flyers. Below are a few examples of things I’ve created with this site:


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