Hello, Baby!

For baby-toddler storytime this week I wanted to use some of the cute hello books we’ve been getting in lately. At my library we  do two storytimes back to back with about 80-100 kids and adults in each session. The first session went totally as planned, and the second, well, didn’t. So, I’m going to share that one 🙂

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Baby/Toddler Storytime Revamped… or How Jbrary Saved the Day!

As a new library school graduate I had never before done a storytime for babies and toddlers. At my current library we have a storytime for kiddos 0-2 years. Our staff rotates through storytimes based on our schedules, so I’ve only done a handful of baby/toddler storytimes since I started. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with preschool, Spanish, and family storytimes, but for some reason baby/toddler storytime just wasn’t clicking for me. Until I read this post from Lindsay from Jbrary. Lindsay talks about switching from her standard large group babytime formula to a formula for a smaller group with more playtime and one-on-one interaction. It made me realize I needed to do the opposite. Our baby/toddler storytime usually draws a crowd of 75-100 people and I was doing too many things that would be better suited to smaller groups or preschool storytime. So with Lindsay’s original formula in mind, I sought out some awesome new bounces (mostly from Jbrary) and some tried and true hit songs for this crowd and finally felt like I hit my groove in baby/toddler storytime!

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Let’s Play Peek-a-Boo! – Baby Storytime

I’ve been trying to think of more ways to incorporate early literacy practices into storytime. We definitely sing, talk, and read a lot, but I want to add some play and eventually writing into the mix too. I decided to start with play (more fun, right?!). What could be more fun to a bunch of babies than peek-a-boo? Thanks to some real inspiration from Mel’s Desk, here we go…

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