STEAM Team Experiments with Bubbles!

Okay, who does love playing with bubbles? I remember playing with them as a kid and loving it and I feel like every time I see a kid playing with bubbles they are having a blast! It’s the perfect summer (or anytime, really) activity! The idea, activities, and knowledge of the science behind bubbles came from Gizmos, Gadgets and Goo from the Cheshire Public Library in Connecticut. If you are a science programmer and haven’t yet stumbled across their website, go there now! Seriously they have a lot of wonderful ideas and share plenty of how-tos and easy to understand science explanations!

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STEAM Team Experiments with Volcanoes!

As a part of our Summer Reading Program this summer, my library has started a weekly STEAM Team program. Our young scientists and explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. For our first week, I wanted to do something really fun, so we made volcanoes and made them erupt! What could be more fun that that?! To do this program I relied heavily on the expertise of STEAM guru, Amy Koester and her wealth of knowledge! Her volcano program plans are available on the ALSC Blog.

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NASA Inspired Family Science Day!

A few weeks ago my library set up an amazing training with two Education Outreach Specialists from NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. This mission collects data from satellites orbiting the Earth about precipitation. They use that data to look at weather patterns, extreme weather events, global climate change and so much more. The training was designed to give librarians the ability to do some of the educational activities that these two scientists do as outreach in our libraries. It was so fun to learn some tips on teaching science, and in the name of Fizz, Boom, Read, I planned out a 3 week Family Science Fun Day series to do some of these activities literally an hour after the training. It was that good! Continue reading

Outer Space – Preschool Storytime

Summer Reading is in full swing and I am busting with sciencey excitement! (That’s definitely the scientific way to say that 🙂 ) So, this week at Preschool Storytime I wanted to jump into science exploration, so we went on a journey to outer space! There are so many great space storytime outlines, books, and songs out there! It was hard to narrow it down, but here is a look at what we did: Continue reading